Fall Party

We had a Harvest/Fall party a while back and I’ve been dying to share it with you all!! But have just been too busy to do so. Something about working full time,school full time, and being a full time wife has just taken the energy right out of me 🙂 Rightly so, this is the place that gets time taken away from it.

But enough about me, more about the party!! I had been seeing lovely pintrest boards and posts, and made a board myself for ideas!

We decided on a date, I made some invitations, and the real work started. I made my lists. Yes, long lists with everything that was going to happen at the party and every single thing that needed to be there for it to happen right down to the water for Apple bobbing.

We had a chili bar, a caramel apple bar, bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, a bonfire, and hot apple cider.

A couple that we love spending time with, the Cool’s, came and helped set up the night before and she helped me make an awesome wreath for the door! I love it, it used some of the flowers that were at both of our weddings.

We had a blast and will be doing a repeat next year, soup bar anyone?



Last Friday my little brother graduated high school and last night we went to an 8th grade graduation for Matt’s cousin Marcus! Basically this is going to be pictures of them, so their families can print and steal whatever they want of what I took!

Starting with Henry!!

And then Marcus!

New Years :]

I love New Years Eve!! Growing up we would have big family parties with all our mom’s cousin’s and tons of food!! Us kids would run around the house like crazy people, the adults played lots of charades, for 2000 my uncle and a cousin flipped the breaker to the whole house during the countdown. It was a great time!

For the last few years we haven’t done much, but last year we came to Idaho and had the best party in a long time!! We got to stay up playing games with my mom, step-dad, siblings, and some of their friends that came to celebrate. This year we are doing about the same thing!

Matt and Scott fixed a table:



The dogs played together:



We watched embarrassing home videos (Love you Henry!):


Made New Drinks and showed Mom a favorite of mine:



Tried to get Tate to wake up Matt:



He just went to sleep with him! Little traitor!

and we played tons of games, such as this game of diving darts! There was a mattress on the ground that was used to dive on to!







And here’s a video of diving darts:

And some pictures from my mom on her blog:


Elf Party!

Last night (it was last night when I started this post) we had an impromptu Elf Party! We had a house full of cousins, siblings, my parents, and Matt’s aunt and uncle!! We had some snowflake making, lots of sugary goodness, spaghetti, “mail room” syrup,  and watched the movie Elf!!

We are thinking that it will be a annual tradition! Next year with some customized elf hat making :} maybe some shoes too!

I have to say that if you want an easy, fun party idea, this was fantastic!! We all had a blast!