Back in School

I am on my break during the second day of school. I’m doing the WSU RN-BSN program… wow that’s a lot of letters. Washington State University Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It is a program that you can do in stages or in one year. My plan is to bust it out in one year so that I can be done or maybe (probably) continue on to my Masters and Nurse-Midwife Certification.

This program is a really good fit for me because as I work full time as a night shift OB/GYN nurse I can attend classes as I am able or watch archived/live classes as that fits in my schedule. What I hope this means for me, is a steady paycheck coming in and the ability to attend classes without sacrificing TONS of sleep hours.

My goal is to finish this year of school and with the help of really fantastic financial aid plus good paycheck coming in, be able to pay off my student loans and not have to take out any more. Wish me luck.

So for those of you who may start to wonder if I’ve died… nope. I’m either sleeping, working, doing school, or lost in the piles of laundry. (Ali will you please come clean my house again??)

It looks like it will be a lot of work, but not so much that I can’t handle it. Especially with so much support behind me.

Any way, this is my school update… I’ll post again on my kitchen updates soon! :]


I Made It.

I made it through school! I graduated!! WOOHOOO!!!! Oh man it feels so good! I have accomplished something that took two years of my life. It was a long two years. I made friends I will never forget, made memories that will last, and most importantly I got through nursing school. One more test on July 8th will determine my fate, kind of. Anyway, pictures of graduation:

And the week after graduation I got my ACLS certification!!
graduations 148

I can save lives!! :]

A Promise

After a few days, and a winter, of gray, wet, icy, cold weather I get down. I feel blue. I pick fights. I get sad. I lose faith, hope, and forget the joy of living. Forget that life is not miserable.

And then there are moments that make it all better. Like when I remember that it’s not supposed to be a box of sunshine, there are people who will stick it out with me, despite me sometimes, and that He knew what He was doing when He put my friends and family into my life.

God never promised us a life of ease… Just look at Job’s life if you have doubt in that statement.

He promised to be there for us, forever. And somedays I need reminded of just how big that promise is. How important I am. He really truly cares about what happens to me, today, tomorrow, ten years from now.

And it’s in moments when I get home and see this: (they are much prettier in person, promise)




That I realize that bad days, bad moments, will pass. Gray days don’t stick around forever. Spring will come again. These buds, the first sign of spring, are my life lifter right now. My visualization of God’s promise. How I know He cares.


Maybe I’m finally learning how to dress myself.

My whole family will most always admit that I am fashion clueless.

But some days, I get it right.

Like when I bought this dress:

So, maybe I’m getting there…

But even if I don’t, I felt pretty, the dress is so cute and soft.

I got the dress off and if you get something you like through my link, it will help me buy more cute dresses too 🙂

And I wore my hair flower from my wedding again, for the first time since July 6th :]