Life Lately

A low down on our life…

Recently we had computer issues, wherein out laptop (only 2 years old) decided it was too much work to show a picture on the screen. So we have had to get our desktops up and running, one I’ve had since I was 15 and the other new (to us) that I won at work! Thank goodness for that. My mom’s cousin was able to salvage our data, including all my school papers and our pictures, so we are very grateful for that!

The chickens and goats are forever getting out of the places we intended to use to keep them contained. At least they don’t go too far, but someday here we will need to fix that. We have a very long list of “to-do’s”.

Our dogs are collecting ticks like it is a competition, also the hubs and I have had the unfortunate event of having one on us each already this year… ewwww. Disgusting little varmints.

School for me is almost over!! So I’m trying really hard to get all my papers written and assignments turned in as fast as I can. (Blogging is my distraction for today) :] I am so ready for a break from school and to take a year or so off. I am not sure what I will do with all the time I spend on school… but I’m ready to find out.

Work is going great! I love my job and being a nurse. Night shifts are not so great, causing fights, hard days, and a bunch of harsh words that need never be repeated. I keep going by knowing that this is where God put me, and boy did he know what he was doing. My co-workers are amazing, I could not have asked for a better group of women to work with and to learn from. I can’t wait to see what my future holds for my nursing career… I’m still looking into Master programs and do plan to continue someday.

A wonderful vacation is in the works!! October 23-November 2 we will be going to Ireland!! I have a Rick Steve’s book that I have been devouring and page marking and planning. We are so excited! It will be our first real trip since our honeymoon and we are both looking forward to learning more about Matt’s family’s heritage, and of course drinking Guinness and Jameson. Oh and staying in a castle, because how cool would that be??

We have been attempting to smoke meat lately, I made a smoked chicken and some jerky this week. It is really good. Also I made a bot of chili with farm grown beans, the steer we butchered, and home canned tomatoes, I felt pretty accomplished. It was also perfect timing, God must have known that I would need to be able to feed a bunch of people. The way He provides is pretty miraculous.

We are still slowly working towards becoming foster parents, there is a class the last Monday of the month that we plan on going to, it will be the start of all the paperwork. I’m still very excited to be heading down this road. It does add to the “to-do’s” that seem to be ever growing, but will be worth it.

Other things: I have a cousin on the way (due on my birthday!!), another cousin is probably moving in with us, Matt is staying busy with work and officer development academy, oh and a endurance motorcycle race this Sunday (prayers for all the riders, it’s a race that has lifeflight hovering over the starting line), our house is never clean, the beer is always cold, and I wish writing papers was as easy as rambling on here.


Red Letter Day!!

I am so excited!!!

We just paid off my student loans!!!! All of them!!!! :}}}}}


It feels like a celebration day! I want to dance and sing and shout it to the world!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!

YAY!!! I am so happy! It will be so nice to not have to think about those hanging over our heads anymore. I tried to make it through school without taking any loans out, but it just wasn’t possible. But now, they are gone!!! GONE GONE GONE.

Inspired and Terrified

I’ve been a little worried about writing this post. It feels like once I let it (this idea) out in the universe if it doesn’t end up going anywhere then it will just be a reminder of a goal, a dream, a desire, that never came to be. This has been an idea that has been with me for a long time, but now it plagues me and I cannot let go of it.

Matt and I have prayed and prayed about it, and prayed about it. We talk about it, we plan, we dream….

We are trying to become foster parents. Right now, all I’ve done is request information and printed out the requirements for the house. But we are going to do it.

At first, I was hesitant. I knew the need and I was the one who brought it up as an idea for our future. But I was scared, I thought “how could I love a kid and watch them leave?”. I prayed hard about that one. What if I couldn’t handle it? What if it was too hard for me?

Here’s the blog post that said what I needed to hear:

I was making it about me, not about who I was thinking about coming a “mom” to. I thought about how I would feel… I didn’t think about the kids who would get taken from their mom’s and sent to a home to live with strangers. Sent away because their parents don’t know how to care for them, which means the kids won’t know how parents should act, what they should do, how family’s behave, or how they should behave.

I’ve been reading blog upon blog about foster care and adoption.

Well, wish us luck as we start this journey and if you have any words of wisdom I would love to hear them.

December Overview

Wow, my thing recently has been not posting on this blog… and I’ve decided that is just okay for now. I’ve been busy busy busy and this is going to be a down and dirty list of things that happened in December :]

1. Switched to all night shift working.
2. Finished my semester with a 3.79 GPA.
3. Attended two ugly sweater parties, one Grinch party, and one Fiesta Bowl party.
4. Worked Christmas Eve.
5. Did Christmas with the family.
6. Butchered T-Bone our steer

Well, I think that covers things nicely. I know that things have slowed down on the blog, but it will pick up here once school is done with. May cannot come soon enough!
Matt and I had a great year 2014 and have already had a great start to 2015, we are so thankful to be married and employed in jobs we love. We have such great friends and family surrounding us and the love and support we get is outstanding. As we continue to set goals for ourselves and our marriage in 2015, we pray

that God will continue to look on each and everyone of you with favor as well.

Some events of 2015 that we are looking forward to:
1. Ali’s graduation from NNU in May.
2. My graduation from WSU in May.
3. A vacation in October (hopefully)
4. Our 2nd anniversary in July
5. Matt’s 27th and my 24th Birthday
6. The birth of our niece or nephew in June or maybe May
7. Will and Ryanne’s Wedding!!!

Looks like it will be a year full of events and love!
I am so excited for this year!!

Olive Lake

Extensive pictures are posted on my Facebook page, follow me there to see more!





We ate and ate and ate all weekend, it’s amazing that my clothes still fit. I thought I would have to roll out of camp!

We had hash with sausage, bacon, and eggs, tri-tip steak and caramelized onions, German sausages, chips and dip, pear dump cake, cinnamon rolls, and I’m sure I forgot some 🙂

Oi, I love camping.


Back in School

I am on my break during the second day of school. I’m doing the WSU RN-BSN program… wow that’s a lot of letters. Washington State University Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It is a program that you can do in stages or in one year. My plan is to bust it out in one year so that I can be done or maybe (probably) continue on to my Masters and Nurse-Midwife Certification.

This program is a really good fit for me because as I work full time as a night shift OB/GYN nurse I can attend classes as I am able or watch archived/live classes as that fits in my schedule. What I hope this means for me, is a steady paycheck coming in and the ability to attend classes without sacrificing TONS of sleep hours.

My goal is to finish this year of school and with the help of really fantastic financial aid plus good paycheck coming in, be able to pay off my student loans and not have to take out any more. Wish me luck.

So for those of you who may start to wonder if I’ve died… nope. I’m either sleeping, working, doing school, or lost in the piles of laundry. (Ali will you please come clean my house again??)

It looks like it will be a lot of work, but not so much that I can’t handle it. Especially with so much support behind me.

Any way, this is my school update… I’ll post again on my kitchen updates soon! :]

I Made It.

I made it through school! I graduated!! WOOHOOO!!!! Oh man it feels so good! I have accomplished something that took two years of my life. It was a long two years. I made friends I will never forget, made memories that will last, and most importantly I got through nursing school. One more test on July 8th will determine my fate, kind of. Anyway, pictures of graduation:

And the week after graduation I got my ACLS certification!!
graduations 148

I can save lives!! :]


It seems like no matter what I am doing, graduations, weddings, sleeping, wasting days, shopping, cleaning, cooking, the days just keep rolling on by. They keep moving forward.

We had another graduation this weekend, in Helena, MT of all places. We were gone for 36 hours with 16 of those being drive time. We spent the evening that marked our 11th month married in the car, singing songs with Ali and Henry, and driving through beautiful country. I decided that I could probably live in MT if I needed to. It is just breath-takingly gorgeous.


This weekend is my graduation, and yes this is another procrastination blog post. I really need to clean and get stuff ready. Costco trip tomorrow for all the food fixings, cleaning everything, getting ready to party!

I have my first nursing job interview Wednesday, prayers please. I also applied for another job today, so we shall see which iron gets hottest, fastest :] I am so thankful that I will be able to work now and have some money coming in as I finish my BSN next year. I’ve been looking into CNM (certified nurse midwife) programs to continue into 2015… so far I’ve got 1 option that will work for me. Going to pursue it with all I have because I truly think that is the direction I need to be going.

Other fantastic news: My mom is moving to Walla Walla!!!!! I’m so excited!! My husband is super happy to have Scott close to take out to the Bars here, and I’m just going to love playing games and hanging out with them on a regular basis again!

Alright, off to clean…


Starting Again

Wow, I just looked back at my last post and realized it’s been almost a MONTH???? Where did that time go? Oh, that’s right, I’m busy being a full time wife and student.
I’ve been traveling to Tri-cities for clinicals lately and that means that I’ve been gone from home 12 days of the last month. Finishing up a bunch of tests next week and then my last day of class on the 6th, with graduation on the 14th!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! I am one excited woman!? Do I even get to call myself a woman yet? I suppose I am…. weird.

Nursing School 001Nursing School 009Nursing School 008Nursing School 002phone 023

We also got chickens!!! It’s just one more thing that I’m super freakin excited about!!! Just this morning (before class) we moved them into their big girls home :} The inside of the chicken coop is done good enough for them to start taking up residence. It makes me so happy to have them out there! My hubby helped me finish the floor and hung the door last night. What a stud.

phone pics 144phone pics 164phone pics 166phone 001

I sent out my graduation announcements/invites :] I think they turned out dang good! I’m so proud that I made it through and can’t wait to graduate with the great group of people!!

We’ve had a couple bonfires, burning junk we tore out of the chicken coop, blackberry bushes, and stuff that came from Matt’s grandparents house. Cleaning up everything for the graduation party we’re having here… look at how different it looks without those blackberry bushes!! We did that and then realized “Oh crap” we just took out the natural fence that was there and now the horse is on the yard… hmmm, poor planning right there. haha.

phone pics 152phone pics 154phone pics 158phone pics 162phone pics 161phone 020phone 015

I mainly haven’t been cooking much. But will post later my quiche recipes and rhubarb pie recipe that I just made tonight :] They sure smell amazing.

This weekend is going to be CRAZY!!! A quick trip to Idaho to see my little brother graduate Friday and then back to Walla Walla to see Matt’s little brother get married!! It will be a weekend of so much joy and I’m taking along my own packs of Kleenex. I turned into the biggest bawl baby ever when I grew up. They will be amazingly happy tears!

Also we’ve been enjoying all the flowers we planted last fall!! I was so happy to see these come up! Tate decided to eat all the red tulips… they must have smelled too good to resist :] the purple and pink ones have survived thank goodness!! :]

phone pics 112phone pics 139phone 026phone 025

Anyway, that about sums up the last month of our lives…. hopefully I will be able to slow down and start keeping this updated a tad more often. Just know that we are enjoying our married life and trying to keep it all together as I finish school and he works 14 hour days because it’s pipe changing time in the farming world!

ipad pictures 036ipad pictures 035

Easter Cake

My class had a bake sale the Friday before Easter to support a classmate who had a family tragedy recently. So I, of course, had to make a cake.

I took a basic vanilla bundt cake and some melted, dyed almond bark, malt eggs, and peeps.


It turned out great! Super easy and it looks fantastic :]

I had fun flicking the almond bark over it and my entire kitchen too.