I went out with my hardworking (and reluctant) husband to clean the chicken coop yesterday evening! And found three, yea three, little eggs!!! All white!!

I may have screamed a little! It was so exciting!!

We out straw out in the coop and the chickens have been loving it today! I went and we had one more little white egg today!! So I’m assuming that they are all from one chicken!

They went it to make some of Uncle Sam’s famous chocolate chip cookies! yum! It was fun having him stop by today!

🙂 yay, fresh eggs!! I cannot wait until they start producing more 🙂


Chicken Coop Remodel

A few Saturdays ago we expanded the chicken coop so that they could finally be outside!! Sunshine= happy chickens! And they are getting older and I don’t think they could squeeze between anything anymore!

My wonderful husband did so much work, and we got it done in a day! yay!

The chickens really didn’t like the chain saw being used to cut their hole to the outside world :] but it was the best we had! I decided not to show the picture I took of Matt with his shirt off, working on his tan. He has a bad a$$ farmers tan though :] haha.

Life moves forward. Things are still happening here on the farm.

Totes McGoats

Not sure how that phrase became popular, but it is and it’s now also the name of one of my three weed eaters :] Or at least that’s why my hubby said I could get them! Really I love them! They are so stinking cute!

Oreos, McGoats, and Ginger are the newest additions to our animal family. We will probably eat two of them eventually and the Ginger will get to reproduce and help us keep the population up.

So far, they have been in pasture one day and ruined it by getting out. Once we hot wire the fence we will try again. They like grain and come to it, so thankfully it made it easy to get them back into the corral.


The cougar has yet to get one, which is nice! I’m really hoping they all survive up here.  Not sure what all is in them, but it should be mostly Boer. We want a Nubian to milk but so far we are still looking for that one.

Spring Break

This two week spring break is coming to an end. It’s a bittersweet moment, as I get done with my break but go into the last quarter of nursing school!! What a whirlwind two years this has been.

Some things that happened during break:

Cousin Sleepover! We had two cousins spend the night for the first time! We watched Frozen (Matt and I for the first time) and I LOVE it!! It is a good movie! We had cheeseburgers for dinner, and made cookies!! When I dropped them off at home the best praise give was “Their house is better then Chuckie Cheese’s” :] So fun!

I am all set up to get chicks, which was supposed to happen Friday, but now will happen when we go to Idaho for a quick trip on the 12th. A few days after Mom’s birthday, which means I really need to figure out a present :] haha. They have a wading pool, a heat lamp, feed, all set up already. So we just need some little squeakers now. I am super excited for when we will be getting fresh eggs!

We have a roof on a outbuilding that will become the chicken coop! Thanks to Uncle Doug :] He saved Matt and I a lot of work and probably some arguments too as to how to put a roof on! That was what happened yesterday. My forearms are sore from hand trimming those stupid blackberry bushes. But it was so worth it! AMAZING PROGRESS!!


I got a horse, named Guy! He needs some work to be really ride-able again, but he is a tame loving horse when you’re on the ground around him, so at least that’s something :] Just hang on when you get on him… but he’s pretty!


Besides all that, I spent a few days in tractors with my husband, I worked out most weekdays with my workout club, I cooked a few things, baked a few things, took a load of scrap metal in, cleaned very little, folded no laundry, and slept a bunch.  It was awesome!

Things I planned on doing but didn’t get to:

Starting seeds inside, moving our oven inside, applying for jobs, applying for the NCLEX (that is happening as soon as we get our next paycheck), pressure washing the house, and naps.




These Days

I don’t have a new recipe ready yet, so I thought I’d share some pictures of what we have been up to the last little bit!

I’m on spring break, finally!! Yay! Which means that we’ve had a few nights of up late and good times with great people!

I’ve been baking some, and started working out with an amazing group of girls at school. Which I will need this week to work off all the beer calories I took in 😉 haha.

We are coming up into spring and the field work has officially started! Bittersweet for all us farming wives.

I have given Matt a two week notice 🙂 In two weeks I will have chicks, and if I have no coop, they will be living in the house! We will see if that will get his butt in gear.

Tuition is due in a few days, and since we have yet to receive our tax return it looks like I will be pulling from our savings account, again, to pay for school. It’s a bummer, but at least we have the money there to do it.

Yesterday we rearranged the kitchen and stuck a table out on the porch so we can eat dinner out there this summer! I’m so excited to have a porch and be able to do that!

I have seeds for my garden, just need to figure out how I’m going to start them and where 🙂


Waffle Iron Hashbrowns

I am making these as I write this post, and Matt is devouring the first one off the iron, so I’m assuming they must be good!

3 potatoes, washed and grated, and rinsed (alter to feed however many people you have, I’d say 1.5 potatoes per normal eating person. If I was feeding my brother-in-law, for example, I’d grate 4 just for him!)
You could also add: grated onion, carrot, zucchini, squash, whatever is in season.
Seasonings: salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, etc.

Mix veg. together and squeeze out excess liquid. Add seasonings and mix.

This is a great recipe to add different things to and experiment.

Turn your waffle iron to high, spray with oil, spread the potato mixture out in it, and cook until crispy and golden brown. It took us about 7 minutes? It would have taken less if I quit opening the iron to look at them.





I like mine with ketchup and Siricha.
Matt likes just ketchup.

A Day in the Life of this Nursing Student

Yesterday was a pretty typical day for me during school.

I rolled out of bed at 700, got dressed and coffee and was out the door by 0730.
Got to school and went to the lab for an hour-ish.
0900-1310 classes.
First we learned about dysrhythmias, then we had a math review, and then we watched videos on neuro assessments and chest drains. Super confusing and pretty crazy.

1330: Home at last. Except it’s not relaxing… because this is what is waiting at home for me:


In the front yard.


Wrong side of the fence


Still the wrong side of the fence

1430: Got him in, finally. Fed them some grain to hopefully keep him in.

1500: start homework and watching Rules of Engagement on Netflix, only Netflix is having a hard time loading so it’s a watch 5 minutes and 15 minutes of loading time.
1600: pull out chicken to thaw for dinner, continue homework.
1624: Mom calls.
1700: Text Matt and ask him to bring home wine to go with dinner.
1745: throw chicken, potatoes, onions, and garlic in oven.
1830: Matt home. Open wine, start drinking.
1845: Eat dinner and start watching LotR (we were halfway through two towers, it takes us two evenings to get through one movie).
1930: LotR is over. Make next drink (Mt. Dew and vodka) and head to bed.
1945: attempt to watch Numbers on Netflix.
2000: Give up and try to start the next LotR, but the computer needs updated… so we give up on that also.
2010: Go to sleep. What old farts we are.

Calving Season!!

Oh this time of year is my favorite time of the year!!
I hate the cold weather, I dislike being bundled up in bulky clothes, and I very much don’t like driving on ice.
So you might be confused as to why this is my absolute favorite time of year… Let me show you :}

Sorry about the picture quality, someday I will own a good camera!!

I get to discover new again every year why I love this time of year so much! I love getting to watch babies be born, make sure they get taken care of, but usually just watch as God shows me that he has everything under control. It is amazing to me that these babies, born in harsh conditions (cold weather, on dirt, in poop, snow, ice) survive and thrive.

Love Love Love.

Today, 1/14/14 we had our first set of twins!! Hoorah!






My hubby loves his job 🙂