My Pregnant Life

I guess I’ll start at the beginning. The day we found out. August 16th to be exact.

I always had a very different idea of how I was going to tell Matt that he was going to be a dad. I thought I would plan it out, make it super special, a surprise; and it was sure a surprise but that’s about the only way my vision worked out :]

I was able to take the test without him knowing about it but as soon as that second line turned pink I couldn’t imagine being alone with that knowledge for one more minute.  I stared at it for a few minutes just to process and then basically ran upstairs where he was getting ready for a shower… and I’m pretty sure what I said went something like this; “So, I think we’re pregnant.” and his response was the appropriate “huh?” “well, I took a test and it’s positive.” I will always remember watching his face turn 500 shades of red and then sitting on the bed just talking and being shocked together.

The rest of the week I went in twice to the clinic to get a positive test there so we could just be sure, since Matt was leaving for 1-2 weeks to a state fire and we weren’t sure if he would have cell service or if he would even be able to charge his phone. We got a positive test on Thursday and Friday he left for a week.

The next fun part of figuring out how and when to tell our families and friends! It was great because no one was expecting it… since we weren’t even expecting it ourselves.

My sister, I told her I had an engagement present for her, and she opened up a present with a onsie with something about being an aunt on it.

My brother we told he had a back to school present, and then he said “Oh I hope I can eat it.” He decided not to eat the onsie.

We took over movies to Matt’s aunt’s house; Knocked Up, Life as We Know It, Due Date, and of course What to Expect!

We had the rest of Matt’s family over for dinner and Matt took treats to his Station Meeting to tell his fire department!

For my mom we took a picture of the ultrasound and put it on the counter when she was out of the room and she was stunned when she walked back in! It was fun to see her reaction!

I can’t believe this was all over a year ago. Now I have an almost 5 month old… guess I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.

My pregnancy was over all very easy, no real morning sickness, no real problems until very late in the pregnancy. I enjoyed being pregnant so much. I felt the baby move at about 14 weeks for the first time, and then not again until 19 weeks. The ultrasound was great and we didn’t find out the gender because we didn’t want to.

I don’t think I’ll share my delivery story on here in whole… I’ll just say that it was traumatic and one of the worst ones I’ve ever been a part of.

But we have recovered and are doing great!!




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