Life Lately

A low down on ourĀ life…

Recently we had computer issues, wherein out laptop (only 2 years old) decided it was too much work to show a picture on the screen. So we have had to get our desktops up and running, one I’ve had since I was 15 and the other new (to us) that I won at work! Thank goodness for that. My mom’s cousin was able to salvage our data, including all my school papers and our pictures, so we are very grateful for that!

The chickens and goats are forever getting out of the places we intended to use to keep them contained. At least they don’t go too far, but someday here we will need to fix that. We have a very long list of “to-do’s”.

Our dogs are collecting ticks like it is a competition, also the hubs and I have had the unfortunate event of having one on us each already this year… ewwww. Disgusting little varmints.

School for me is almost over!! So I’m trying really hard to get all my papers written and assignments turned in as fast as I can. (Blogging is my distraction for today) :] I am so ready for a break from school and to take a year or so off. I am not sure what I will do with all the time I spend on school… but I’m ready to find out.

Work is going great! I love my job and being a nurse. Night shifts are not so great, causing fights, hard days, and a bunch of harsh words that need never be repeated. I keep going by knowing that this is where God put me, and boy did he know what he was doing. My co-workers are amazing, I could not have asked for a better group of women to work with and to learn from. I can’t wait to see what my future holds for my nursing career… I’m still looking into Master programs and do plan to continue someday.

A wonderful vacation is in the works!! October 23-November 2 we will be going to Ireland!! I have a Rick Steve’s book that I have been devouring and page marking and planning. We are so excited! It will be our first real trip since our honeymoon and we are both looking forward to learning more about Matt’s family’s heritage, and of course drinking Guinness and Jameson. Oh and staying in a castle, because how cool would that be??

We have been attempting to smoke meat lately, I made a smoked chicken and some jerky this week. It is really good. Also I made a bot of chili with farm grown beans, the steer we butchered, and home canned tomatoes, I felt pretty accomplished. It was also perfect timing, God must have known that I would need to be able to feed a bunch of people. The way He provides is pretty miraculous.

We are still slowly working towards becoming foster parents, there is a class the last Monday of the month that we plan on going to, it will be the start of all the paperwork. I’m still very excited to be heading down this road. It does add to the “to-do’s” that seem to be ever growing, but will be worth it.

Other things: I have a cousin on the way (due on my birthday!!), another cousin is probably moving in with us, Matt is staying busy with work and officer development academy, oh and a endurance motorcycle race this Sunday (prayers for all the riders, it’s a race that has lifeflight hovering over the starting line), our house is never clean, the beer is always cold, and I wish writing papers was as easy as rambling on here.