Egg Theives

My chickens, randomly just stopped producing as many eggs as normal this last week. Eh, maybe two weeks? We had a bit of a cold stretch so I just thought they were finally realizing they didn’t have to lay eggs all winter. But then it started to be really nice out again, and my egg production was still slow!   I went and walked  around the coop and found some egg shells outside one of the windows. Aha! Raccoons!! Dirty Devils were stealing my eggs. Wednesday, we bought a live trap, baited it, and waited. The next day my tater dog was working down the road at the farm shop and treed (tree’d?) a raccoon in an old parts combine!! Guns blazing, the guys killed it (probably Andrew)! Alright one down! An hour or so later, our newly discovered hound dog had tree’d another one!  

Thursday’s count: two fat happy raccoons dead. I thought my eggs would be safe again! 

Friday morning, 0645, I remember because I started to get really mad at the dogs and my husband for causing such a ruckious when I was not in any way shape or form ready to be woken up, the dogs were barking like crazy, Matt was running in and out of the house, slamming doors. My thought was “shit, they tree’d the cougar.” Especially when the gun starts going off, one, two, three, four, five times…. I hear him reloading… What on earth? How many shots does it take? And the. I get even more mad, dude just finish off the poor creature, don’t torture it!!

I drag myself from bed and into the bathroom, where I see one raccoon on a branch and my hubs blasts it off. Well, that was a lot of shots for one measly raccoon. Come to find out, the dogs had tree’d FOURS raccoons…. Four of them! In one tree!! 

Friday’s count: Three dead raccoons, the live trap had been sprung but none caught, and one that got away. 

Total raccoons eating my eggs: at least 6 that we know of so far. 

In one day my egg production has already doubled again!! One good thing that has come from all this is our dog has discovered his love for treeing coons! But guys, these coons were as big as he is!! They seriously could have injured him! Look at this little  guy: 


When he gets to stay with any of our family, he gets to sleep in the house on someone’s bed! He is the most perfect dog we have ever had! So smart, he is a cow dog, and now a hound dog 😉 Ace dog is also a great dog, but he is a one owner dog, he will NOT listen to Matt. Ever. And he took a very long time to become a good dog. And it took him almost dying for him to become a good dog. 

I digress. Egg problem solved! Thanks to my dogs and Matt and Andrew!