Inspired and Terrified

I’ve been a little worried about writing this post. It feels like once I let it (this idea) out in the universe if it doesn’t end up going anywhere then it will just be a reminder of a goal, a dream, a desire, that never came to be. This has been an idea that has been with me for a long time, but now it plagues me and I cannot let go of it.

Matt and I have prayed and prayed about it, and prayed about it. We talk about it, we plan, we dream….

We are trying to become foster parents. Right now, all I’ve done is request information and printed out the requirements for the house. But we are going to do it.

At first, I was hesitant. I knew the need and I was the one who brought it up as an idea for our future. But I was scared, I thought “how could I love a kid and watch them leave?”. I prayed hard about that one. What if I couldn’t handle it? What if it was too hard for me?

Here’s the blog post that said what I needed to hear:

I was making it about me, not about who I was thinking about coming a “mom” to. I thought about how I would feel… I didn’t think about the kids who would get taken from their mom’s and sent to a home to live with strangers. Sent away because their parents don’t know how to care for them, which means the kids won’t know how parents should act, what they should do, how family’s behave, or how they should behave.

I’ve been reading blog upon blog about foster care and adoption.

Well, wish us luck as we start this journey and if you have any words of wisdom I would love to hear them.


4 thoughts on “Inspired and Terrified

  1. Hannah that is the weirdest thing…Jake and I were thinking about it too!!!! AND we decided that we’re probably going to adopt an African American kid from Detroit or somewhere. We are going to have such cool families. 🙂

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