December Overview

Wow, my thing recently has been not posting on this blog… and I’ve decided that is just okay for now. I’ve been busy busy busy and this is going to be a down and dirty list of things that happened in December :]

1. Switched to all night shift working.
2. Finished my semester with a 3.79 GPA.
3. Attended two ugly sweater parties, one Grinch party, and one Fiesta Bowl party.
4. Worked Christmas Eve.
5. Did Christmas with the family.
6. Butchered T-Bone our steer

Well, I think that covers things nicely. I know that things have slowed down on the blog, but it will pick up here once school is done with. May cannot come soon enough!
Matt and I had a great year 2014 and have already had a great start to 2015, we are so thankful to be married and employed in jobs we love. We have such great friends and family surrounding us and the love and support we get is outstanding. As we continue to set goals for ourselves and our marriage in 2015, we pray

that God will continue to look on each and everyone of you with favor as well.

Some events of 2015 that we are looking forward to:
1. Ali’s graduation from NNU in May.
2. My graduation from WSU in May.
3. A vacation in October (hopefully)
4. Our 2nd anniversary in July
5. Matt’s 27th and my 24th Birthday
6. The birth of our niece or nephew in June or maybe May
7. Will and Ryanne’s Wedding!!!

Looks like it will be a year full of events and love!
I am so excited for this year!!