Fall Party

We had a Harvest/Fall party a while back and I’ve been dying to share it with you all!! But have just been too busy to do so. Something about working full time,school full time, and being a full time wife has just taken the energy right out of me 🙂 Rightly so, this is the place that gets time taken away from it.

But enough about me, more about the party!! I had been seeing lovely pintrest boards and posts, and made a board myself for ideas!

We decided on a date, I made some invitations, and the real work started. I made my lists. Yes, long lists with everything that was going to happen at the party and every single thing that needed to be there for it to happen right down to the water for Apple bobbing.

We had a chili bar, a caramel apple bar, bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, a bonfire, and hot apple cider.

A couple that we love spending time with, the Cool’s, came and helped set up the night before and she helped me make an awesome wreath for the door! I love it, it used some of the flowers that were at both of our weddings.

We had a blast and will be doing a repeat next year, soup bar anyone?