Soccer, Sleep, and Siblings

Yesterday my sister, brother, and a few “adopted” siblings were in town for a quick visit. It was so much fun!! I LOVE my family.

So I got off work at 7am, went home and Matt made me Snickerdoodle waffles and a mimosa! yummy! Then we decided it would be a good morning for a four wheeler ride up in the mountains. It was gorgeous!

After that we went into town to get chicken food, jeans, and boots.
From there we went to watch my cousin Helen play soccer! She did really well!

After the game we went to IceBurg for lunch!! We had gurshburgers, fries, and scotch and soda’s. A gurshburger is heaven between two slices of bread. It is a cross between a grilled cheese and a cheeseburger. mmmm, I think I want another one :] Iceburg

Then we went to Oma’s house to help Mom and Scott move more of their stuff into storage.. well, everyone else helped and I took a nap. It was a good few hours for me, everyone else filled and unfilled a U-Haul.

Then we came home, played games, joked, laughed, listened to good music, smoked cigars and drank a few beers and gin and tonics! Max made some delicious Chili dogs with peppers and onions. This morning the stove quit working so he made hash on the grill. It was so nice to have someone else cooking for a while!

Now I’ve been cleaning… and cleaning. Because 4 college aged boys make a big mess!! I wouldn’t trade them for the world though!! Love having them over! Can’t wait until next time!!