Back in School

I am on my break during the second day of school. I’m doing the WSU RN-BSN program… wow that’s a lot of letters. Washington State University Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It is a program that you can do in stages or in one year. My plan is to bust it out in one year so that I can be done or maybe (probably) continue on to my Masters and Nurse-Midwife Certification.

This program is a really good fit for me because as I work full time as a night shift OB/GYN nurse I can attend classes as I am able or watch archived/live classes as that fits in my schedule. What I hope this means for me, is a steady paycheck coming in and the ability to attend classes without sacrificing TONS of sleep hours.

My goal is to finish this year of school and with the help of really fantastic financial aid plus good paycheck coming in, be able to pay off my student loans and not have to take out any more. Wish me luck.

So for those of you who may start to wonder if I’ve died… nope. I’m either sleeping, working, doing school, or lost in the piles of laundry. (Ali will you please come clean my house again??)

It looks like it will be a lot of work, but not so much that I can’t handle it. Especially with so much support behind me.

Any way, this is my school update… I’ll post again on my kitchen updates soon! :]

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