Blackberry Season

One of my favorite times of the year is almost over and gone. The blackberries have been amazing this year! It was a very early start to the season and it’s going to be a very early end. My sister has been coming over on Sunday’s to help pick them. We pick until our hands are purple, they sting from the thorns, and our buckets are full. There’s something about the smell of picking blackberries that is so relaxing, it brings back memories of going up to the mountains with my mom, Oma, and Aunt in the summer to pick while wading in the creek.

While we pick we hear Howard (mom’s big black lab) snorting as he eats the blackberries off the lower branches. Silly dog will eat anything. The other dogs laze about in the shade.

After we pick it’s never hard to think up of something to do with all the berries. The options are endless, variations galore, and all of them taste delicious!

We’ve had: blackberry & peach cobbler, blackberry coffee cake, blackberries and angel food cake, blackberry margarita’s, blackberry pie, and blackberry jalapeño jam.

I have enough in the fridge from yesterday to make another batch of jam, so I think that’s what I’ll do today!

Do you have a favorite blackberry recipe??






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