Totes McGoats

Not sure how that phrase became popular, but it is and it’s now also the name of one of my three weed eaters :] Or at least that’s why my hubby said I could get them! Really I love them! They are so stinking cute!

Oreos, McGoats, and Ginger are the newest additions to our animal family. We will probably eat two of them eventually and the Ginger will get to reproduce and help us keep the population up.

So far, they have been in pasture one day and ruined it by getting out. Once we hot wire the fence we will try again. They like grain and come to it, so thankfully it made it easy to get them back into the corral.


The cougar has yet to get one, which is nice! I’m really hoping they all survive up here.  Not sure what all is in them, but it should be mostly Boer. We want a Nubian to milk but so far we are still looking for that one.

2 thoughts on “Totes McGoats

    • 🙂 they are funny things! They’ll follow me around for grain and have found that their favorite place to be is on the porch… Because they don’t think our fence is all that fence like. In fact, it could not even be there are work just as well. Haha!

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