Totes McGoats

Not sure how that phrase became popular, but it is and it’s now also the name of one of my three weed eaters :] Or at least that’s why my hubby said I could get them! Really I love them! They are so stinking cute!

Oreos, McGoats, and Ginger are the newest additions to our animal family. We will probably eat two of them eventually and the Ginger will get to reproduce and help us keep the population up.

So far, they have been in pasture one day and ruined it by getting out. Once we hot wire the fence we will try again. They like grain and come to it, so thankfully it made it easy to get them back into the corral.


The cougar has yet to get one, which is nice! I’m really hoping they all survive up here.  Not sure what all is in them, but it should be mostly Boer. We want a Nubian to milk but so far we are still looking for that one.


I Made It.

I made it through school! I graduated!! WOOHOOO!!!! Oh man it feels so good! I have accomplished something that took two years of my life. It was a long two years. I made friends I will never forget, made memories that will last, and most importantly I got through nursing school. One more test on July 8th will determine my fate, kind of. Anyway, pictures of graduation:

And the week after graduation I got my ACLS certification!!
graduations 148

I can save lives!! :]


It seems like no matter what I am doing, graduations, weddings, sleeping, wasting days, shopping, cleaning, cooking, the days just keep rolling on by. They keep moving forward.

We had another graduation this weekend, in Helena, MT of all places. We were gone for 36 hours with 16 of those being drive time. We spent the evening that marked our 11th month married in the car, singing songs with Ali and Henry, and driving through beautiful country. I decided that I could probably live in MT if I needed to. It is just breath-takingly gorgeous.


This weekend is my graduation, and yes this is another procrastination blog post. I really need to clean and get stuff ready. Costco trip tomorrow for all the food fixings, cleaning everything, getting ready to party!

I have my first nursing job interview Wednesday, prayers please. I also applied for another job today, so we shall see which iron gets hottest, fastest :] I am so thankful that I will be able to work now and have some money coming in as I finish my BSN next year. I’ve been looking into CNM (certified nurse midwife) programs to continue into 2015… so far I’ve got 1 option that will work for me. Going to pursue it with all I have because I truly think that is the direction I need to be going.

Other fantastic news: My mom is moving to Walla Walla!!!!! I’m so excited!! My husband is super happy to have Scott close to take out to the Bars here, and I’m just going to love playing games and hanging out with them on a regular basis again!

Alright, off to clean…