Spring Break

This two week spring break is coming to an end. It’s a bittersweet moment, as I get done with my break but go into the last quarter of nursing school!! What a whirlwind two years this has been.

Some things that happened during break:

Cousin Sleepover! We had two cousins spend the night for the first time! We watched Frozen (Matt and I for the first time) and I LOVE it!! It is a good movie! We had cheeseburgers for dinner, and made cookies!! When I dropped them off at home the best praise give was “Their house is better then Chuckie Cheese’s” :] So fun!

I am all set up to get chicks, which was supposed to happen Friday, but now will happen when we go to Idaho for a quick trip on the 12th. A few days after Mom’s birthday, which means I really need to figure out a present :] haha. They have a wading pool, a heat lamp, feed, all set up already. So we just need some little squeakers now. I am super excited for when we will be getting fresh eggs!

We have a roof on a outbuilding that will become the chicken coop! Thanks to Uncle Doug :] He saved Matt and I a lot of work and probably some arguments too as to how to put a roof on! That was what happened yesterday. My forearms are sore from hand trimming those stupid blackberry bushes. But it was so worth it! AMAZING PROGRESS!!


I got a horse, named Guy! He needs some work to be really ride-able again, but he is a tame loving horse when you’re on the ground around him, so at least that’s something :] Just hang on when you get on him… but he’s pretty!


Besides all that, I spent a few days in tractors with my husband, I worked out most weekdays with my workout club, I cooked a few things, baked a few things, took a load of scrap metal in, cleaned very little, folded no laundry, and slept a bunch.  It was awesome!

Things I planned on doing but didn’t get to:

Starting seeds inside, moving our oven inside, applying for jobs, applying for the NCLEX (that is happening as soon as we get our next paycheck), pressure washing the house, and naps.




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