These Days

I don’t have a new recipe ready yet, so I thought I’d share some pictures of what we have been up to the last little bit!

I’m on spring break, finally!! Yay! Which means that we’ve had a few nights of up late and good times with great people!

I’ve been baking some, and started working out with an amazing group of girls at school. Which I will need this week to work off all the beer calories I took in 😉 haha.

We are coming up into spring and the field work has officially started! Bittersweet for all us farming wives.

I have given Matt a two week notice 🙂 In two weeks I will have chicks, and if I have no coop, they will be living in the house! We will see if that will get his butt in gear.

Tuition is due in a few days, and since we have yet to receive our tax return it looks like I will be pulling from our savings account, again, to pay for school. It’s a bummer, but at least we have the money there to do it.

Yesterday we rearranged the kitchen and stuck a table out on the porch so we can eat dinner out there this summer! I’m so excited to have a porch and be able to do that!

I have seeds for my garden, just need to figure out how I’m going to start them and where 🙂


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