A Promise

After a few days, and a winter, of gray, wet, icy, cold weather I get down. I feel blue. I pick fights. I get sad. I lose faith, hope, and forget the joy of living. Forget that life is not miserable.

And then there are moments that make it all better. Like when I remember that it’s not supposed to be a box of sunshine, there are people who will stick it out with me, despite me sometimes, and that He knew what He was doing when He put my friends and family into my life.

God never promised us a life of ease… Just look at Job’s life if you have doubt in that statement.

He promised to be there for us, forever. And somedays I need reminded of just how big that promise is. How important I am. He really truly cares about what happens to me, today, tomorrow, ten years from now.

And it’s in moments when I get home and see this: (they are much prettier in person, promise)




That I realize that bad days, bad moments, will pass. Gray days don’t stick around forever. Spring will come again. These buds, the first sign of spring, are my life lifter right now. My visualization of God’s promise. How I know He cares.


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