Hitching Day: Part 1

This will be the pre-wedding pictures :] There are just so many pictures and things to get through, I think this will be a three part post! Stay tuned for the ceremony and the reception!
The day started with us all dragging and looking like this:
jake fair pictures 285

jake fair pictures 286

What a lovely bunch.

We started getting ready at 830? 9? somewhere in there :] We scheduled pictures to start at 10, to give us three hours of pictures to end up being done at 1-ish to make sure I could go hide while all the guests arrived.

Getting my hair done!

Getting my hair done!

Group hair and makeup!

Group hair and makeup!

wedding 080

Then we did formals with Matt and I for a half hour to an hour:wedding 094

wedding 090

wedding 096

wedding 092

The First Look:
wedding 097

wedding 098

wedding 099

And Pictures Together:

Yea, I cried a lot.

Yea, I cried a lot.

wedding 103

wedding 105



wedding 108

wedding 109
And then we went into Bridal Party Pictures:

And straight into family pictures:

After family pictures we rapped it up fairly fast. Doing a few that we had forgot about as we went back over the list we made with the photographer! We were done by 1 pm and I was able to go into an air conditioned room and guzzle some water before the guests arrived!
Three hours may sound like a long time, but it flew by! We had an amazing photographer and we had a great time taking the pictures!
You only get married once, get good pictures.


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