A Day in the Life of this Nursing Student

Yesterday was a pretty typical day for me during school.

I rolled out of bed at 700, got dressed and coffee and was out the door by 0730.
Got to school and went to the lab for an hour-ish.
0900-1310 classes.
First we learned about dysrhythmias, then we had a math review, and then we watched videos on neuro assessments and chest drains. Super confusing and pretty crazy.

1330: Home at last. Except it’s not relaxing… because this is what is waiting at home for me:


In the front yard.


Wrong side of the fence


Still the wrong side of the fence

1430: Got him in, finally. Fed them some grain to hopefully keep him in.

1500: start homework and watching Rules of Engagement on Netflix, only Netflix is having a hard time loading so it’s a watch 5 minutes and 15 minutes of loading time.
1600: pull out chicken to thaw for dinner, continue homework.
1624: Mom calls.
1700: Text Matt and ask him to bring home wine to go with dinner.
1745: throw chicken, potatoes, onions, and garlic in oven.
1830: Matt home. Open wine, start drinking.
1845: Eat dinner and start watching LotR (we were halfway through two towers, it takes us two evenings to get through one movie).
1930: LotR is over. Make next drink (Mt. Dew and vodka) and head to bed.
1945: attempt to watch Numbers on Netflix.
2000: Give up and try to start the next LotR, but the computer needs updated… so we give up on that also.
2010: Go to sleep. What old farts we are.


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