2014 Resolutions!

There are many things on my to-do list this year! So I’m going to put them here to hold myself a little more accountable, and just to be able to look back next year and see what I did accomplish :]

1. Get Healthy. For me this means completing the Jillian Michaels 30 days video I got at Costco. Making more healthy meals. And just being more active in general. Matt really wants to start doing volleyball with a church group he used to be involved with.

2. Graduate Nursing School. June 2014!!!! Graduation is on the 14th or 15th… and I will be there and be pinned as a nurse!

3. Pass my Nursing Boards, the first time preferably.

4. Get a Job. I’m not aiming high on this one, a nursing home will do.

5. Start my BSN program through WSU in the fall.

6. Make progress with the house, keep it semi-clean, organize it, decorate it… etc. as I have time and money to do the things that need done to it.

7. Finish the Bible in a Year that I started with https://www.facebook.com/groups/556920494397222/ this Facebook group, run by a friend of mine.

And a few resolutions that aren’t a new year thing:
1. Work on my relationship with my husband, make sure that while I do all these things on my list he still feels like he is number one.

2. Be happy with what I have.

3. Be a happier person in general, less rule and list oriented and keep calm when things deviate from my daily task list.

I will check back on this list periodically and re-orient myself to the goals and plans I have for this year. Hopefully next year I can make new goals as I should have completed this list :]


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