Pumpkin Pie!!!

One of my favorite parts of this time of year, all the holidays and family time surrounded by food! It brings back so many memories for me, we had so many happy thanksgivings and Christmases!! I am so excited to start making memories with my hubby and starting traditions with him!! I want to give my kids amazing memories and reasons to want to come home to the fun times when they move out and start their own lives.

But that’s not the point here… Today I made pumpkin pie!! YUM!
So I had this dough in the fridge from the last pie I made, and it’s thawing so I can roll it out:


I seeded my pumpkin, save the seeds!!
Put it in a pot with water in the bottom and “steam” it, or if you own an actual steamer thing, or you can even bake it in the oven till it’s soft and malleable.

Peel the skin off, and put the pumpkin flesh in the mixer or bowl.


Here’s the recipe I kind of went by… I like to throw stuff in, so I added some maple syrup. Be creative, I’ve made it with some fireball whiskey before too! That also turned out yummy!


Then put your saved pumpkin seeds to soak in water! Saave the Seeds!! (in the Julia Child SNL skit voice).



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