Horn Rapids; an endurance dirt bike race.

Sunday morning Matt and I were off to the race. It’s a twice a year, usually freezing cold, miserable event for me. As the boys make four laps around a ten mile loop we normally freeze our butts off, waiting for that painful hour and a half to be over.

This year however was actually a nice day!! YAY!!!!!! The first nice day I have ever had to watch a race! Ever!

We get to the track, get the bike out, sign up for the class you want, and then get ready to race. I had a really nice view this year as we got there early enough to park facing the track!!

There we are, unloaded.

The puppy!!
And then they are off!!!

Both Matt and Andrew are in the second wave of starters. Andrew is in orange, the first one off the line. Matt is in red and somewhere in the middle!
And around the first corner:

And the we wait at the check point for them to come around…


The puppy plays with a pumpkin and enjoys the sun while we wait 🙂 and I write a paper for school… So exciting!

After it was over we went to Olive Garden! Andrew got 7th. Matt got 14th 🙂 It was a good day and everyone stayed safe!!


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