House Tour

So it’s about time I take you on a tour of the house!!

A picture tour it is!!

Pardon the mess, we’re still unpacking… and we do live here :]


This is the porch, where everything gets dumped.

This is the porch, where everything gets dumped.

Then we go in the door:
This is the living room.

This is the living room.

And see the thankful tree, wedding pictures, and a living room!!
Also in the living room:
The music corner

The music corner

Off of the living room we have a guest bedroom and a office:
This is the guest bedroom!

This is the guest bedroom!

It's a little messy...

It’s a little messy…

My desk!

My desk!

His desk.

His desk.

Then we go into the kitchen, my favorite part!!
This is when we moved in, so a few things have changed.. .when it's clean I'll take a new picture.

This is when we moved in, so a few things have changed.. .when it’s clean I’ll take a new picture.

From the kitchen is a mudroom/back entry.
house 327
and then a bathroom…
Kinda clean..

Kinda clean..

Next come the stairs of death…
my cousin has already fallen all the way down them, he rounded the corner even.
house 328

house 329
The edges are nice and worn off, so it’s easy to slide off of the steps.
Upstairs is three bedrooms and a bathroom.
So first our bedroom:

I don't see the point in making the bed daily... and we haven't figured out how to set everything up yet.

I don’t see the point in making the bed daily… and we haven’t figured out how to set everything up yet.

Then the bathroom/closet.
This was added after the house was built, so it's an odd bathroom.

This was added after the house was built, so it’s an odd bathroom.

The toilet is back behind the shower... right in front of the window.

The toilet is back behind the shower… right in front of the window.

All the closet’s in the upstairs are weirdly set up, they slope and so to hang clothes would mean that they would have to touch the ground, and we have mice… so the closet got put in the bathroom! I think it has potential!
Then the two other bedrooms that still need a lot of work:
house 334

We have this room set up for when my brother and cousin, or matt's cousins come over :]

We have this room set up for when my brother and cousin, or matt’s cousins come over :]

We have the x-box and a tv in there… the only things boys need to have a good time :] haha.

And that’s the house!!

lights on!

lights on!

It needs a lot of love, but is so amazing!!!


Engagement Pictures

Next in the series of the wedding story…
Lots of pictures taken by my amazing sister!!

I think this is my favorite.

I think this is my favorite.




Loved the editing she did on this one!

Loved the editing she did on this one!

Engagement pictures 020


Engagement pictures 059

Engagement pictures 146

Engagement pictures 095

Engagement pictures 145

Not all of these were used, or even useful because we borrowed a camera and didn’t realize until all the pictures were on the computer that the date stamp was permanent. Oops. But at least there were a few that we were able to edit it out without ruining the picture!! But now we will NEVER forget what day we took engagement pictures on :] haha.
It was a fun day going around and taking those!!
Thanks Sis!!

My Afternoon Walk.

I’m taking an online P.E. Class that I have enjoyed doing, even though I’m way behind on my time.

Basically all I have to do is 40minutes of cardio, running, or something along those lines. 20 times this quarter. Not bad right?!

It’s getting me started on being accountable for my exercise again.
I went slower today so I could take pictures! Such a pretty day!



So nice!! Warm!!
I am dreading the day we get snow.





Why You Save the Seeds!!

After soaking the seeds over night in some salt water:


You spread them on a cookie sheet;


Season them:


And roast them in a 350-375 degree oven for about 20-30 minutes!

Easy peasy!!
Some seasoning combinations:
Salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, red pepper.
3ish tbs of brown sugar and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Lemon pepper, salt, thyme.

And you have a healthy, yummy snack 🙂 Matt loves the spicy kind and I like the sweet ones!

These are also good as salad toppers for some crunch!

Autumn Leaves

There’s a wonderful song, Autumn Leaves, that goes something along these lines;
The falling leaves, drift by my window.
The Autumn leaves of red and gold.
I see your lips, the summer kisses.
The sunburnt hands, I used to hold.

It’s worth a listen if you haven’t heard it. Eva Cassidy does an amazing rendition of it.
Today my afternoon was spent dealing with leaves. Trucks and trucks of leaves.

See, I wasn’t kidding!!
This was one of a few truckfulls we moved. Well Matt did a lot, I helped some, and mainly I used the leaf blower we borrowed from an Aunt and Uncle! We need to get us one of those things!!
Anyway, here’s some more pictures:



Pumpkin Pie!!!

One of my favorite parts of this time of year, all the holidays and family time surrounded by food! It brings back so many memories for me, we had so many happy thanksgivings and Christmases!! I am so excited to start making memories with my hubby and starting traditions with him!! I want to give my kids amazing memories and reasons to want to come home to the fun times when they move out and start their own lives.

But that’s not the point here… Today I made pumpkin pie!! YUM!
So I had this dough in the fridge from the last pie I made, and it’s thawing so I can roll it out:


I seeded my pumpkin, save the seeds!!
Put it in a pot with water in the bottom and “steam” it, or if you own an actual steamer thing, or you can even bake it in the oven till it’s soft and malleable.

Peel the skin off, and put the pumpkin flesh in the mixer or bowl.


Here’s the recipe I kind of went by… I like to throw stuff in, so I added some maple syrup. Be creative, I’ve made it with some fireball whiskey before too! That also turned out yummy!


Then put your saved pumpkin seeds to soak in water! Saave the Seeds!! (in the Julia Child SNL skit voice).


Looking to Spring

Yes, it’s not even winter yet. So what?
We are getting prepared for spring!!
Last weekend? we planted bulbs!! It makes me so happy to know that because of this preplanning we will have gorgeous flowers popping up!!


flower bed



We planted tulips, daffodils, and some crocus that we dug up and just replanted… hopefully will come up!! This was the Saturday before the motorcycle race. So they’ve been in a week now!! I think I’ll plant some garlic in behind where we planted the bulbs because I don’t have a garden yet.

Maybe eventually.

Spring… only a winter away!!

Chia Seed Pudding

So this recipe is supposed to be more of a dessert thing, but I make it for breakfast usually! It’s an easy, make ahead, take with you to class kind of breakfast! I love it and Matt likes it too!!
The recipe I use is this:
1/2 c. Soy milk, almond milk, whatever milk you want
2 tbs of chia seeds
A spoonful of honey, agave, whatever sugar thing you want.

Mix it all together, let set 15 minutes, shake up again, stick in the fridge overnight!
I like to eat mine with some fruit mixed in!
I take it to school!

It kinda looks funny, eyebally, fisheyes, but yum! Haha! And it’s really healthy!

Tag the Date Pictures

I thought that these pictures should come next in the story of the wedding/our life since we went through the proposal already

First the Save the Dates:

This was such a great session!

This was such a great session!

Love this tractor

Love this tractor

Have you ever tried to get animals to behave for pictures???

Have you ever tried to get animals to behave for pictures???

These pictures were taken by my lovely friend Liz!! She was so amazing to do those for us!!
And this is how the actual tag the date turned out:

We ordered these from and we loved how they turned out!! I would recommend them for anyone! They do things besides the wedding stuff too!

Horn Rapids; an endurance dirt bike race.

Sunday morning Matt and I were off to the race. It’s a twice a year, usually freezing cold, miserable event for me. As the boys make four laps around a ten mile loop we normally freeze our butts off, waiting for that painful hour and a half to be over.

This year however was actually a nice day!! YAY!!!!!! The first nice day I have ever had to watch a race! Ever!

We get to the track, get the bike out, sign up for the class you want, and then get ready to race. I had a really nice view this year as we got there early enough to park facing the track!!

There we are, unloaded.

The puppy!!
And then they are off!!!

Both Matt and Andrew are in the second wave of starters. Andrew is in orange, the first one off the line. Matt is in red and somewhere in the middle!
And around the first corner:

And the we wait at the check point for them to come around…


The puppy plays with a pumpkin and enjoys the sun while we wait 🙂 and I write a paper for school… So exciting!

After it was over we went to Olive Garden! Andrew got 7th. Matt got 14th 🙂 It was a good day and everyone stayed safe!!