Popcorn Balls!!

So I know I said I could skip Halloween, but my nursing class had other ideas! So tomorrow I will be dressing up and taking in the popcorn balls that I made today!
Here’s the recipe:

It’s from a cookbook my mom put together!

First it’s best to do the cleaning, your sink should look like you can eat out of it! Because that’s what will happen!!

Spotless!! And spray half with Pam!
Then grab wax paper and make some room on the counter next to the sink to put the balls!

So then you pop!!

This made a huge mess!!
Then I remembered this trick my hubby uses when we make popcorn:


Not so messy!!
Then you scoop the popcorn out of the bowl! This is imperative!! Scoop! Do not dump the bowl in the sink!!! You will end up with the yucky things that you don’t eat from the bottom of the bowl inside your popcorn balls!! Bad bad bad!
This is also the point where you call your mom and make sure you popped enough popcorn, because 32 cups sounds like a lot more then half a sink full!!

You do not want to bite into the unpopped kernels!! See those nasty things, just waiting for an unsuspecting tooth to chip??
Then you get the sink about half full of popcorn:

Mix the other ingredients in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.

Boil it until the sugar is dissolved, this was hard because my first batch was under and the second was over…both are edible and yummy, just not quite right! Guess I’ll have to try more!!
Once it’s at that point everything goes really fast! So I don’t have pictures, but follow the instructions and you will do fine!

Add your coloring and then the teaspoon of baking soda, and stir like a mad woman! Or man! It’s going to look like a volcano gone wrong from middle school… That’s ok!! Once it’s mixed up dump the sugar on the popped corn in the sink, and stir it up too!!

This is the point where you could have burning, turn the faucet on (in the unused half of the sink) to a trickle with cold water! Wet your hands and grab a handful of popcorn, squeeze it into a ball and set on the wax paper.

Repeat until the popcorn is in balls. Let them cool for a bit and the. Wrap them in plastic wrap!

Or just eat them… It’s entirely up to you!


4 thoughts on “Popcorn Balls!!

  1. Opa will be very glad you are perfecting the art of popcorn balls. As you know they are his favorite, and he gets them for his birthday and Christmas.

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