Dump Cake!

I love dump cake! It is the easiest, throw it together, last minute, dessert cake thing you can make!! Camping, at home, to take to potlucks, dump cake is good anywhere!! There are endless possibilities with this cake and if you buy the ingredients on sale it’s really cheap to make!

1 cake mix
1 can of pie filling
1 can of pop/beer

Yes my friends… it’s that simple.

You take the can of pie filling and pour it into a pan, 9×13, 9×9, cast iron skillet, what ever floats your boat.
Top that with the cake mix.
Pour the pop on top of the cake mix.

Then you bake it…
350 degree oven, open fire, coals… again whatever suits you!
bake it till it’s bubbly and hot, the top will get a little brown.

Serve with Ice Cream (Matt’s choice), whipped cream…etc.

Here’s a Cherry Dump Cake with Vanilla Cake Mix:



And here is a Blackberry Dump Cake with Chocolate Cake Mix:

I love the dry bits!

I love the dry bits!

I think the dry bits that don’t get pop or juices on them are the best!! Both my pictures are from camping and so were baked with coals! The Cherry one was made with beer as the liquid, and you couldn’t tell at all! It doesn’t taste like beer and the alcohol cooks off, but if that scares you or you just aren’t beer drinkers and don’t have any on hand we made the chocolate one with sprite, although chocolate and coke would probably be good also!!

Experiment! Have fun! I think I might try one with pumpkin pie filling and vanilla cake mix for a fall take on it!!

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