The proposal.

A few days before he popped the question he told me he was going to take me out to dinner on Friday (February 1st), dress nice. I thought that was great! We would go out to dinner and celebrate our 23rd month of dating (yes, I am a person who keeps track)! And it was going to be two days before his birthday so it’d be a good birthday dinner too!

So that Friday, I came home from school and got all dressed up and waited for him to come get me! I knew he was going to propose sometime soon, but with both of us being farm people I expected to go feed our bottle baby calf one morning and find a ring tied around his neck, on the bottle, or something along those lines! Nice dinners weren’t really our thing 😉

Getting all dressed up!

Getting all dressed up!

When he came into the house to get me he brought along a bouquet of fake flowers (the first flowers he ever got me!) and I was super happy! He even got them in my favorite flower colors! We then loaded up in his pickup and drove to Whitehouse Crawford, the nicest restaurant in town, go inside and he says we have a reservation! I was floored! We had reservations? What?

So after a really nice dinner, while eating dessert he pulled a ring out of his pocket and in his no-nonsense style asked “will you marry me?” No words of build up, no getting down in one knee, just right out of the blue! I started crying, of course, and said yes!!

the ring!

the ring!

After dinner we went to the fire station, avoided everyone there until after we skyped my family in Idaho to tell/show them the big news!! After that it was a whirlwind of announcements and hugs and congratulations!!

Matts side of the story:
I don’t really remember how long I had the ring, probably 3 weeks or so. I showed Holly maybe a week or so before the proposal and asked her to make the bouquet maybe two days before? While we were making pizza for a firefighter fund raiser the last Wednesday in January. I was going to take her to Jacobi’s, but Hayden wasn’t working that night so I scrambled to make reservations for Whitehouse Crawford, just minutes before going to pick her up. And that’s about it…

Haha, and there went my thoughts that he had actually planned it out ahead of time 😉
Oh well, we still got married!


2 thoughts on “The proposal.

  1. Yay!! A blog! And what a fun story! 🙂 ours was halfway similar. I knew he was going to ask me at some point eventually. One weekend he just didn’t want me to go home from campus when I wanted to. So there I was halfway annoyed. We went and picked up burritos from taco smells and then went for a walk in the foothills. He turned around and was like so I think we should get married. And popped out a picture of the ring on his phone.

    Ok. Maybe that’s not all that similar. 😀 slightly less of a planned feeling. 🙂

    But yay!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 and congrats!

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