A day with the hubby!

So today started out like most, the alarm went off at 530 and Matt stumbled out of bed around 545. I got up around 615 and downed my cup of coffee, with some wonderful girl scout thin mint creamer (yum). I had planned on staying home, but last minute decided to go tag along and spend the day with Matt (planning to study while hanging out in the tractor!).

So he went to go get fuel and I hurriedly dressed, threw a load of laundry in (because I had to steal socks and man socks just don’t fit!), packed a lunch, and then we were off like a herd of turtles! First stop was the fire station to drop off our ballots. Then we went and moved some piece of equipment from one field to the next… Then to fertilize, spent three hours doing that, moved it over to another field, and got called that plans changed 🙂 always changing!

So we got picked up by Bill and loaded a ton of hay (after counting and recounting and some more counting). 22 bales later…. We were on our way!



Got that delivered, ate lunch, and then chisel plowed a very very very bumpy field!! That took 4.5 hours. All that time stuck together in a tractor is great one on one time to talk, we have had our most serious conversations in one tractor or another. Now all we have left to do is fuel up the challenger, grease the drills for tomorrow and we get to go home!!!


This is the life!!



Just kidding, we still have to give dad a ride to his pickup! Always changing!!

And yes, this was all approved by the hubby before publishing 😉

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