Get to know the Fogarty’s…

I’ve decided to embark on a journey that is to share my life and take the time to write about the days, trying to figure out where we’re going and remember where we’ve been.

My hubby (Matt) is 25 years of age, a farmer and volunteer firefighter, I (Hannah) am 22 years of age, a student in nursing school, a cook, baker, animal lover, organizer, and procrastinator (right now I should be doing homework). We got married July, 6th so we’ve been newlyweds for 107 days now… not that’s anyone is counting. We honeymooned in Nashville, TN, a post and picture of that and the wedding will be coming soon!

We have a multitude of animals, at least it is in Matt’s eyes. The list right now is: a horse (Rocky), a Bull (randomly showed up in the pasture), a steer (T-bone), three dogs (Ace, Molly (we’re just sitting her), and Tater Tot), and three cats (Liz, Gunter, and Beatrice). Again, pictures will be coming!

We moved into our house mid-September and it has been such a huge blessing!! There is a lot of work to be done but keep checking in for picture updates as the weather gets colder and Matt has more time to work on the blackberry bushes! Before pictures are going to happen soon! Yes, I’ll even post pictures of the junk rooms that REALLY need help.

I am super excited to start this journey and to continue what we started July 6th by agreeing to live our lives together! What a wonderful thing marriage is!

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